The Western Health WBA co-ordinators are:

Dr Ben Delaney –

Dr David Mai –

ACEM requires trainees to complete a minimum number of WBAs (roughly one per month) of varying type (eg. DOPS / mini-CEX / CBD / Shift report ) and of defined minimum complexity depending on each trainee’s stage of training.

To ensure no Western Health trainee is required to perform extra / remediation training time for failing to meet these requirements, there will be allocated teaching time to complete these tasks each week.

Please familiarise yourself with the ACEM resources to be ready for your next WBA.

Don’t forget to check the procedures page before your next DOPS WBA.


Direct Observation of Procedure Skill (DOPS) – description – form

Case Based Discussion (CBD) – description – form

mini Clinical Examination (mini CEX) – description form

Shift Report – description form