Author: Gavin Ng

Evaluation of Chest Pain in the Emergency Department

Evaluation of chest pain in the Emergency Department

In today’s video tutorial, we will cover the following:

  1. Important time-critical differentials we need to be aware of in patients presenting with chest pain to the ED.
  2.  Use of a assessment protocol in acute coronary syndrome.
  3. Application of the Well’s score and the PERC score in the Emergency Department

Important links are as follows:

  1. Safer Care Victoria clinical guidance on chest pain assessment in the ED

2. MD Calc link, where important clinical scores (e.g., TIMI, Wells and PERC) can be found

Non-invasive Ventilation – Basic concepts


In this short video tutorial, I discuss the basics of non-invasive ventilation. We will be covering the following core concepts:


  1. Basic physiology – advantages and disadvantages of PEEP
  2. NIV Terminology – PEEP/CPAP/BiPAP
  3. Which mode to use
  4. How should I be titrating NIV, and what monitoring should I use?


Here is a link also to conceptualise PEEP:

Please leave a note in the comments if there are any questions!


Gavin Ng


Oxygen Delivery and High Flow Nasal Cannula

In this video tutorial, we will be discussing the use of high flow nasal oxygenation as a therapy in hypoxemic respiratory failure. As we see an increase in the number of patients with COVID-19 pneumonia, this is a therapy that we need to have some familiarity with.

This video will discuss the following:

  1. The benefits of high flow nasal oxygenation
  2. Commencement and titration
  3. When should we bail out?

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