Author: terence yuen

Medicine and Gardening

As a junior doctor, choosing a career path can be difficult. We all have differing priorities and desires, and ultimately, we are all different people. One danger of this time in our careers, is drifting into a state of inertia.

Although this may seem harmless at the time, the ongoing effects of this state can take hold and continue to affect our development as doctors for years to come.

Like plants, our careers are either busy growing, or busy dying. It goes without saying, that we should aim to grow. Like plants, this growth can be small and gradual, and imperceptible to the eye day to day, but over time, we see the benefits of a growth approach.

The slides below provide a visual representation of the elements essential to ongoing growth.

So, ask yourself: What makes you grow?



Western Health ED visits Adult Retrieval Victoria

On the 6th of January 2016, as part of Wednesday training,  the registrars participated in a field trip to ARV, at its current location at Essendon Fields (co-located with Air Ambulance Victoria). The purpose of this teaching session was to highlight other aspects of the state’s critical care system. The visit included a guided tour or the base and aircraft, case presentations and interactive scenario training.

At some point in your careers as ED physicians, you will be involved with a retrieval service, either referring, receiving or as a retrievalists. Consultant Emergency Physicians at Western Health who have previously worked for/currently work for ARV include:

Hans Hollerer, Ruth Hew, Stacy Turner, Mark Dent, Lucia Le-Kim, Andy Tagg, Terence Yuen.

Others have worked with organisations such as Careflight  (retrievalists and coordinators):

Martin Bicket, Karen Robins-Browne.

ARV is currently accredited as a Specialised Skill rotation for 6 months with ACEM and ANZCA.

Many thanks to the Education lead (Dr Daniel Crompton), Education Advisors (Dr Tim Gray and Toni Moylan), Clinical Lead (Dr Charlotte Evans), Retrievalists (Dr Michael Ashbolt and Dr Ying Chen), Flight MICA Paramedic (Toby St Clair), Director (Dr Marcus Kennedy) and administrative assistants (Tanya Kennedy and Janelle Crawford), for making this an enjoyable and highly educational experience.

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