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The Only intro to gases you’ll need in four parts

Thanks to Dr Jasmine Poonian for this comprehensive introduction to gases.

Tip: follow along at home with the examples given in the talk and work through them yourself on paper and by the end you should be comfortable attacking any gas!


Part 1 – basics and the anion gap (23min)


Part 2 – anion gap and the delta ratio (15min)


Part 3 – respiratory calculations (42min)


Part 4 – metabolic alkalosis (29min)

Pharmacy 2019

This is Jo Edwards’ 2019 pharmacy presentation. See the timecode to jump to relevant sections! Play at 1.5 speed if you really must! Jo delivers admin pearls that will make your life EASIER.

04:45 patients difficult to get medication lists from
06:45 medication summaries in EMR and printed
08:00 analgesia
11:00 general EMR tips
22:10 Austin toxicology
23:10 NPEP – non-occupational post exposure prophylaxis for HIV
24:55 Special Access Scheme (SAS) drugs
26:45 febrile neutropenia and other protocols
28:45 insulin tips
33:45 iron infusions: an emergency?
35:50 antibiotics
39:55 authority prescriptions
41:30 epipens
42:40 rabies vaccine
45:05 Post partum haemorrhage box in drug fridge
45:55 methadone issues
49:10 after hours medication supplying
51:55 nursing home patients and the IRCMAC
54:35 schedule 8 drug prescribing eg. oxynorm and discharge script tips
58:30 heparin protocol