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Coffee and cases – Consultant teaching 22 June 2018

Thanks for attending consultant teaching yesterday.
With my educator’s hat on, staged repetition is the best way to remember, so here are some links to some of the topics we discussed:

Propranolol OD (Justin Curran):

Knee Dislocation (John Loy):


Knee Injury 2018

Rice Bezoar (Gary Ayton):

Only 1 publication:

– you definitely need to write this up!

A good summary:

Bezoars are apparently highly prized and “ascribed mystical and medicinal powers and considered invaluable

Cardiac Tamponade (Stacy Turner):


Procedures for consultant education

Hi guys.

Here are some videos relating to the procedures we covered during the consultant education this month.



I-gel 2nd generation supraglottic airway

Surgical Airway – Scalpel

RIC line

MAC line

Humeral IO

CT6 femoral splint

SAM pelvic splint


SMS Teaching: Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

Here’s the video from March 2018’s consultant education, on the theme of traumatic arrest.

It includes a case discussion of a gunshot wound to the chest in a young women with cardiac arrest, a talk on the management of traumatic arrest and the utility of CPR, and finally a discussion on ED thoracotomy.

The quality’s not great and we lost the AV halfway through, so I’ve patched in a PowerPoint presentation of the second part.

There’s also a video from the Alfred procedures course on thoracotomy- please don’t distribute this further, as it’s released to candidates on the course only.

Hope you enjoy, please post any comments or questions and we’ll attempt to answer them.


Further reading:


EMRAP – the quiet chest in trauma

ANZCOR guidelines

St Emlyn’s – CPR in TCA?

SMS teaching: Pneumothorax

May 2017

Thanks to Dr John Loy




Discussion points:

  1. The majority of large pneumothoraces managed this year have ultimately required intervention
  2. Non-intervention in one case has also generated further dialogue with the Respiratory unit regarding management of these patients
  3. An upcoming multi-centre trial co-ordinated via Monash may further inform our practice
  4. In the meantime discussion with the respiratory or thoracics team on the day regarding large stable pneumothoraces will ensure timely follow-up

SMS teaching: ED point of care ultrasound

May 2017

Thanks to Dr Raj Patel 




Discussion points:

  1. ED point of care ultrasound is focused on answering simple yes / no binary questions that help the clinician with management decisions.
  2. The RUSH protocol is a useful schema for identifying life threats, and can also be remembered using ‘HIMAP‘ – (heart, IVC, Morrison’s, Aorta, pneumothorax)
  3. Familiarity with ‘normal’ and development of technique can be best achieved by scanning healthy patients


See also:

Brief notes on probe position from the Family Practice Notebook:


Ultrasound resources from Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine



Brief notes on HIMAP from Life in the fast lane


RUSH protocol – Rapid Ultrasound in Shock and Hypotension