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Steven Lee’s MCQ collection (Tintinalli)


section 1: pre-hospital

section 2: disaster and retrieval

section 3: resuscitation: part 1part 2part 3

section 4: resus procedures: part 1part 2part 3

section 5: analgesia, anaesthesia and procedural sedation

section 6: emergency wound management

section 7: cardiovascular disease: part 1part 2 – part 3

section 8: pulmonary emergencies





section 9: gastrointestinal emergencies

section 10: renal and genitourinary emergencies

section 11: obstetric and gynaecology

section 12: paediatrics (coming soon)

section 13: infectious diseases

Fellowship resources (Google Drive)


Shoulder dystocia

November 15, 2017

Shoulder dystocia is a relatively uncommon obstetric emergency. Despite this, care providers, particularly at Sunshine Hospital, must still be aware of the steps to take to address dystocia in the event obstetric support is unavailable. Shoulder Dystocia guideline (WH – last review 2013)   Watch a short video filmed by Dr Neil Long FACEM,… Read more

How to: the Exam

June 20, 2017

Exams are one of the constant hurdles of medical life. Reproduced here are Dr Neil Long’s summary notes from the recent Regional teaching at the Northern Hospital about the fellowship exam, as well as tips regarding the Primary Exam from Cynthia   Primary exam:   Fellowship exam: The Biggest hurdle –… Read more

How to: talk the talk

September 23, 2016

Presenting in front of our peer group is usually about as fun as pulling teeth, but it is a valuable experience – both for the speaker – in the act and practice of information transfer, and for the audience – a chance to receive new information and new ways of… Read more


September 23, 2016

Dr Keith Nallaratnam has graciously extended the use of his CD collection of EM:RAP podcasts to all staff. For those unfamiliar with EM:RAP, it is a monthly American podcast hosted by Mel Herbert. Each episode usually covers about 3 topics with edited audio lectures from different prominent speakers and with… Read more

Acid-base and Fluids

May 5, 2016

Acid-base and its practical application, according to the quantitative (Stewart) approach + the effects of fluids on acid-base. Summary: pH is determined by the need for electrical neutrality Strong ions and weak acids determine acid-base, not H+ and HCO3- The Stewart approach allows you to quantify the contribution of different… Read more

Fellowship study plan

February 2, 2016

This study plan has been reproduced and modified from TJDogma. It is suggested as a roughly 6 month programme. Other candidates have used 9-12 month programmes. Before beginning, discuss with your DEMT regarding your campaign and your timing as individual strategies will vary. Before beginning, collect past papers and revise the… Read more