RSI: Pre-Ox and Ap-Ox for RSI

Scott Weingart from EMCrit on pre-ox and ap-ox for the emergency RSI.

Fits in well with the talks on safe RSI and hypoxic RSI by me.


  • Non-hypoxic patient:
    • Pre-ox and Ap-Ox:
      • Non rebreather mask (NRBM) and Nasal cannula (NC), both @ 15L/min
      • or
      • any of the options below
  • Hypoxic patient:
    • Pre-ox and Ap-Ox:
      • Bag-valve-mask (BVM)+PEEP (≤15cmH2O) and NC, both @ 15L/min
      • or
      • ventilator CPAP and NC @ 15L/min
      • and 
      • consider gentle ventilation with BVM+PEEP or ventilator during apnoea

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