Obstetrics and gynaecology in ED: 2017

Thanks to Dr Althea Askern for her presentation. Review it here:


O&G for the ED 2017


Key points:

  1. Two registrars on duty for ED calls with two consultants on call until 1730hrs – so escalate where delays are anticipated
    1. 875 – obstetrics
    2. 885 – gynaecology
  2. EPAS (early pregnancy assessment service) is now running
  3. BHCG only useful in unsited pregnancies
  4. miscarriage is common and staff should have a familiarity with the clinical and emotional needs of these cases
  5. Consider PID and ovarian torsion in differentials for pelvic pain
  6. PV / Speculum exam is not to be feared and as utility particularly in the assessment of heavier bleeding and cervical shock
  7. management of collapse of the obstetric patient requires an appreciation of the altered physiology in pregnancy
  8. pregnant patients may represent a particularly vulnerable group in our socio-economic setting

Review also: Dr Aekta Neel’s presentation in 2016

Consider also: LACTMED – a resource for the use of medications in lactation


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