Pharmacy – 2016

See below to download the presentation by Adrian Weeks, ED pharmacist, from Wednesday teaching on 24/02/16.

Key points / items addressed:

  1. verify patient medications via multiple sources ie. patient / BOSSNet / local pharmacy / ED pharmacist
  2. treat pain: use PRNs on the drug chart and educate patients with written information on discharge
  3. check for patches
  4. anti-retrovirals for HIV post-exposure prophylaxis need ID consultation
  5. Special Access Scheme (SAS) drugs eg. labetalol / esmolol РPLEASE complete paperwork
  6. clear prescribing saves lives
  7. iron infusion – there are TWO types of formulation
  8. antimicrobial approval –¬†approval is ED responsibility if antimicrobials initiated by ED
  9. PBS approval – required to prevent your patient paying full / private price
  10. methadone prescribing – multiple checks to prevent abuse
  11. after-hours pre-packed medications
  12. IRCMAC (interim residential care medication administration chart) – access via BOSSNet
  13. clear prescribing saves lives and time (worth repeating)
  14. discharge letters should include clear details of your prescriptions to assist future providers

Pharmacy – ED – Registrar Training February 2016

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