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Spaso Miljesic is a Western Health fixture and living legend.

His technique for shoulder reduction was first described in 1998 and published in Emergency Medicine, co-authored with Professor Anne-Marie Kelly.

It is described again here, in an article from Emergency Medicine Journal in 2001, where the technique had already spread internationally to Hong Kong.

We are indebted to Spaso for his expertise. 

Many thanks also to Dr Neil Long FACEM and Life in the Fast Lane contributor who has filmed Spaso.

The Spaso technique

Other shoulder reduction techniques

Cunningham / Zagorski

Ten different shoulder reduction techniques in ten minutes

Hip relocation

Hip relocation – the Whistler method

Volar slab

For various hand (metacarpal) and phalangeal fractures

Charnley slab

For Colles (dorsally angulated distal radial / wrist) and Smiths (volar angulated distal radius) fractures

Thumb spica

For thumb injuries, including scaphoid fractures and suspected fractures, and ligament injuries of the thumb

Hanging U-slab

For proximal humeral fractures eg surgical neck of humerus

Below knee U-slab

For unstable ankle / foot injuries