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Hospital in the home (HITH)

Thanks to HITH registrar Dr Pamela Anjara and ID physician Dr Cristina Mateevici for providing their presentation about HITH services at the end of last year.

HITH ED presentation


Key points:

  1. HITH registrar is on extension 56309 – 24 hrs a day
  2. Admission conditions include
    1. IV antibiotics – cellulitis, multi-drug resistant TB, osteomyelitis
    2. anticoagulation – bridging clexane to warfarin
    3. complex wound management eg VAC dressing
    4. post operative care – drain tubes
    5. cardiogeriatric – IV frusemide
  3. Exclusion criteria
    1. unstable
    2. complex infection eg. hand / head / neck / necrosis / bites
    3. unable to manage at home
    4. no consent