Winter’s Wrap – 21/12/2016 – Trauma call, Brugada, HITH


Thanks to Steve Lee. Review his talk here.

Audit showed that there is a delay to review by the Surgical Registrar – in 68% of cases > 10 minutes, in 32% >30 minutes. ED team should maintain their role as team leader and coordinate the Trauma assessment – retain your skills and be confident in your role.

Please remember the trauma call criteria – and SPEED is no longer one of them! If you think the presentation warrants a Trauma Call, please initiate it.

In the future we would be keen to audit the outcomes of Trauma Calls – a project in cooperation with the Surgical Units so watch this space!

See below for the trauma call criteria:


Trauma 2



Thankyou Michael Gibbons for reminding us of this rare entity.

Important messages included:

  • look for the R-on-T in ectopics
  • consider cardioversion for arrhythmias
  • treat pyrexia aggressively as this may precipitate an arrhythmia

Review his talk


Available 24/7 – including public holidays

Contact registrar on x56309 (BH) and via switchboard (AH)


  1. referral to registrar
  2. complete drug chart and prescription
  3. discharge patient if safe – leave IV in-situ
  4. if not reviewed in ED – patient should return to 2South (Footscray) following morning for clinic review
  5. If admitting to HITH for DVT/PE – fax “HAEMATOLOGY CLINIC” referral

Things to tell patient:

  • May need long-term antibioitics
  • HITH team may insert long-term IV cannula in clinic
  • Anticoagulation – discuss medication (Clexane/warfarin), risks, duration (1st below knee DVT – 3 months, PE or above knee DVT – 6 months, recurrent – life-long)

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