Winter’s Wrap 22.02.2017 – pharmacy, paediatrics


Joanna Edwards –     0435962527 (in hours)



Please chart ongoing doses of analgesia for patients admitted to EOU – headache, back pain…

Refer to the “analgesia guideline” on or therapeutic guidelines


Non-occupational Post-exposure Prophylaxis

Take a thorough history, consult on-call ID physician for advice

Available form after hours cupboard


Epipen – educate your patients!

training device is held by nurse in-charge

online videos



Methadone and Buprenorphine

Chart mg (and confirm mg vs ml dose)

Options for analgesia:   PCA


Be generous with opiates




Dr Ilse Spillane


Age appropriate questions

Opportunistic engagement of teenagers


“Look for the common, exclude the deadly and identify the red flags – everyone has a deadly virus, bacteria or tumour until your history or examination proves otherwise”


Make sure you have a “safety net” – a safe discharge plan and education about when to return (documented in the letter)



-unlikely to be ventolin responsive <12 months

– steroids don’t work

– supportive care à air à oxygen à CPAP à intubation

– high flow O2 – close the mouth (dummy or towel to lift chin), NGT to decompress stomach

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