Winter’s Wrap 25/1/17 – PEA + PE, Tibial plateau fractures, Breakfast

Summary of teaching 25/1/17 – DEMT Karen Winter


PE, thrombolysis and PEA arrest 

Elliott Adamson presented on the PEAPETT study  which suggested that thrombolysis in PEA arrest where PE was confirmed had benefit. This was contrasted with other studies of PEA arrest without clear cause where benefits of thrombolysis were much less obvious.

Review his talk here.


Tibial plateau fractures 

Emily Hunter presented an audit of missed tibial plateau fractures and a guide to reviewing injuries of the knee.

  • Push for advanced imaging (CT) if the mechanism of injury is suspicious and if the patient is unable to mobilise
  • Look for the subtle signs eg. lipohaemarthrosis and tibio-femoral alignment
  • Treat suspected or proven tibial plateau fractures with non-weight bearing and zimmer knee splint, with orthopaedic follow-up
  • Call radiology if unsure about the plain films!

Review her talk here.


Put this in your breakfast! 

Karen Winter reflected that, just as you wouldn’t miss certain steps in getting ready to go to work (shower, toothbrush, coffee x 2), there were other more intangible things important not to forget in your pre-shift preparation (empathy, diligence, curiosity).






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